What’s In My HeadRobin Austin Reed

Some people think I’ve completely lost it.  An entrepreneur, a writer, a pickup artist…what is my message?  Listen, I’ve run a crazy life and done a lot of things.  Most have them have been a blast and grown me tremendously, others have been complete train wrecks but…I talk about it all.

Some have deleted me from their Facebook profiles, sent me ugly emails begging me to come back to Jesus and won’t talk to me again. Others follow the story and it’s the only thing that keeps them from killing themselves. It’s okay, either one of them…I love you all.

Welcome to my world.  You pick what title or role you need me to fill that best resonates with you but most people call me, “The Life Guy”.  Nothing freaks me out, pisses me off or gets me overly excited.  I’ve been a millionaire and I’ve slept on friend’s couches, totally broke.  I’ve traveled to amazing places, bankrupt companies and been left stranded to start over, again and again.  Yet, here I am, blessed with a unique perspective for the world.  Part business guy, part poet, part romantic and hugely diverse, I bring to the world new and creative ways to look at things so we can experience happiness through breaking limiting beliefs and crap that just holds us back.

Some come to me for prayer, ministry or even healing.  Some talk about growing their business, others want to date a beautiful person or improve their image and way their perceived.  I love it!  All of it!

Here, then, is where I put everything I know about this crazy subject of life and the challenges we face in the quest for finding what is real.